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I need help with my Vivarix product(s), who do I contact?

You may contact our Customer Service team through:


Phone: +60 11-1128 7996

What do I do if I have not received my product(s)?

Please contact Customer Service if you still have not received your parcel after the expected delivery date upon placing your order with Vivarix.

What is AFA?

Aphanizomenon-Flos-Aque is known as " Blue Green Algae " or Blue - Green Algae. Not just a supplement but as a very complete superfood. The role and benefits of AFA are able to stimulate the production of stem cells from the bone marrow to treat damaged and dead cells. In addition, it also contains 64 complete nutrients that the body needs to stay healthy.

What are the Advantages of Taking CELLMAXX PLUS?

Here are the Advantages & Benefits of taking Cellmaxx Plus:

  1. Balancing the sugar level in the blood.
  2. Lowers cholesterol & supports heart health.
  3. Reduce stress resistance & control blood pressure.
  4. It is anti-viral & anti-tumor at the level of cell activity.
  5. Contains ingredients & elements to prevent cancer.
  6. Contains anti-inflammatory or anti-inflammatory.
  7. Strengthens the immune system or disease resistance system.
  8. Promotes proper liver function.
  9. Supports a healthy digestive system & absorption of nutrients.
  10. Stimulate the circulation of immune cells.
  11. Helps in the recovery of internal & external wounds.
  12. Removes free radicals.
  13. Increases a healthy metabolism.
  14. Supports the natural activation & release of Natural Killer cells (NK Cells).
What Is Meant By "HEALING CRISIS"?

For some users who take Cellmaxx Plus for the first time, it is possible to experience a "Healing Crisis".

What Is Meant By "Healing Crisis"?
In short, "Healing Crisis" refers to a healing crisis or a temporary healing reaction while the body is going through the process of restoring itself through the removal of toxins in the body.

How "Healing Crisis" Can Happen?
It is normal that our eating habits are full of toxic chemicals and are increasing day by day in the body system. Most of the toxic chemicals are lipid or fat soluble and tend to accumulate mainly in fatty tissues and intercellular fluids throughout the body.
According to the U.S Environmental Protection Agency over 400 chemicals have been detected in human tissue with 48 found in adipose tissue, 40 in breast milk, 73 in liver and 250 in blood.
When you take CellMax Plus which contains compounds of Chlorophyll and Polysacharide will make toxins expelled and remove endotoxins. When toxins are expelled, the body`s system will secrete them into the bloodstream to be filtered and eliminated. This toxin circulation situation can cause your current well-being to be disrupted and cause temporary "pain" symptoms below.

Among the Signs of "Healing Crisis":

  1. Muscle Cramps
  2. Diarrhea
  3. Extreme Fatigue
  4. Anxiety
  5. Headache
  6. Insomnia
  7. Sinus Congestion
  8. Fever
  9. Skin Eruptions
  10. Emotional Changes

Next, the organs and tissues in your body go through the tissue and organ renewal process, including experiencing metabolic reactions to re-adapt the renewal process (arrival of stem cells) in the body that occurs naturally, which is the removal of toxins and cell renewal.
This is what is called a "Healing Crisis". It is not a "side effect" @ "side effect" but a process of detoxification, repair and cell replacement.
Environmental toxins that enter the body through the dietary process are suspected to play a major role in several diseases, including cancer, arthritis, immune system weakness, autism, fibromyalgia, heart disease, Alzheimer`s disease and more.

How Long Does This "Healing Crisis" Last?
Usually between 1 to 3 days to several weeks. Each person has their own factors that cause the period to vary from person to person.

What Should You Do?

  1. You just need to reduce the amount of intake of CellMaxx Plus. If 2 sachets a day, alternate every 2 days. If you take 6 sachets a day, make it only 3 sachets a day. That`s how it happened.
  2. See "Healing Crisis" as a positive sign.
  3. Stay determined and schedule to take CellMaxx.
  4. Make sure to drink plain water @ enough minerals.
  5. Breathe well.
  6. Make sure you get enough sleep.

Do I Need A Doctor`s Advice To Take CELLMAXX PLUS?

CellMaxx Plus is a health supplement whose raw materials are certified as organic by "Oregon Tilth Certified Organic", manufactured by a GMP factory and obtained halal certification by JAKIM Malaysia and halal IFANCA, CellMaxx Plus are suitable for all groups of users.

However, if you have any disease that worries you if you take CellMaxx, you are free and entitled to discuss and seek advice from the Doctor treating you.